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Alt 01-26-2011, 04:27 PM   #1
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Standart UK Truck Simulator Full indir Torrent

UK Truck Simulator Full indir Torrent

Oyun Hakknda

k Tarihi: 23-02-2010
Oyun Tr: Simulasyon

Kendine has bir oyuncu kitlesine sahip olan ve sakin bir ekilde uzun yol yolculuu yapmak isteyenlerin ilk tercihi tr simlasyonlar arasna yeni bir oyun daha katlyor. Bir sre nce piyasaya srlen German Truck Simulator'a benzer yapdaki UK Truck Simulator, bu kez Ada'da direksiyon sallama ans sunuyor bize. Birleik Krallk topraklarnda geecek olan oyun,Oyunun geecei ehirler arasndaysa Londra, Manchester, Liverpool, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburg ve Newcastle yer alyor.

 ۲  ۲  ܲ۲ ۲  ۲ ۲    ۲   ۲
 ߲߲߲     ۲   ߲      
  ޱޱ  ޱ ޱ     ޱܱ     
  ݰ  ް            
  ݱ  ܱ     ݱ   ߲
޲ ޲ ޲ݲ޲    ޲    ߲
 ۲ ۲  ۲  ۲ܲ۲ܲ   ۲ ۲       ۲
        ۲           ۲            
                          S   K   i   D   R   O   W

                ->  T H E   L E A D i N G   F O R C E   <-                 
       proudly presents    
   ۲   UK Truck Simulator / Excalibur Publishing    
     RELEASE DATE : 23-02-2010           PROTECTION : Nothing                
     GAME TYPE    : Strategy             DISKS      : 1 CD                   
     Release Notes:                                                 
     The Skid Rowdies are looking new blood to fill up the ranks.    
        We're a professional team of dedicated sceners with big mark    
        under sceners. We believe on the ground idealism of the root    
        of the real old school scene. We do all this for fun and        
        nothing else. We don't earn anything on our hobby, as we do     
        this for the competition and the heart of what got the scene    
        started in the mid eighties.                                    
        If you think you got something to offer, then don't hold back   
        on contacting us as soon as possible.                           
         _______  __     ___     _____   /\__                           
         \    / |/ /_/\_|   \    \  _ \ / /_ \/\  /\                    
         /\ \/| / / \/\/| |\ \    \//_// / / / / / /                    
        /  \ \| \ \ /  \| |_\ \  / / \/ /_/ / /// /                     
        \____/|_|\_\\__/|___/ / /_/\_/\__/_/\____/                      
            twice the fun   \/ double the trouble                       
        On with the game release information:                           
        Hit the road in UK Truck Simulator! Using a network of          
        motorways and major trunk routes you will gain unbridled        
        access to 18 of the UK's largest cities!                        
        From the granite city of Aberdeen in the north to the rolling   
        green hills of the South Hams heading towards historic          
        Plymouth where Sir Francis Drake played his famous game of      
        bowls whilst awaiting the invasion of the Spanish Armada.       
        Experiencing the life of a UK haulage contractor you can visit  
        all the major cities of the UK. You will need to make sure you  
        make your deliveries on time, keep your truck in good repair    
        and check your fuel consumption. Build up your business and     
        upgrade your truck to keep your business running efficiently    
        and profitably. Watch out for traffic violations as they will   
        be deducted from your earnings, and you know how expensive      
        that can be!                                                    
        You start the game as an employee of a cargo transportation     
        company. You will be assigned a lorry and you will be given     
        instructions on what to do next. Every time you finish your     
        delivery your employer will automatically plan and assign a     
        new job for you. Later in the game you may get the opportunity  
        to change your employer, which may improve your working terms   
        a little, but generally you will still be following orders.     
        While employment certainly has its advantages - paid expenses,  
        no need for burdening yourself with delivery planning, free     
        lorry at your disposal - it's only a starting point. Once       
        you've built up some money you can buy yourself your own        
        lorry. After a time you will probably realize that your         
        professional development has ground to a halt - you will not    
        be gaining any more reputation, you will be driving around the  
        same places all the time and the reward for the work could      
        have been higher - and that you could be doing much better      
        working for yourself! At that point, once you buy yourself a    
        lorry, you will become an independent driver who will be        
        making his own fortune in the trucking world. It will take      
        some courage to go it alone, but it will be well worth it!      
        Going independent will open up a whole new world to you. You    
        will be able to buy garages across the country, fill them with  
        lorries and even start up your own transportation company! As   
        you grow and expand, you will attract more and more logistics   
        companies which will want to work with you. In time you may     
        build the biggest transportation company in the UK or you may   
        go bankrupt! That will be up to you...                          
        The road network in UK Truck Simulator is based on UK roads     
        and cities. All trucks use highly realistic, meticulously       
        detailed models.                                                
        The truck interiors of UK Truck Simulator are as equally        
        impressive as the exteriors. With actual working instruments    
        such as flashing indicators, temperature and low fuel warning   
        lights, wipers, and naturally - a full set of gauges            
        including speedometer - all built into the interior 3D model    
        UK Truck Simulator, just like our previous best selling title   
        Euro Truck Simulator, offers a truly immersive simulation       
        environment. The player can pan around the cabin, just as if    
        they were actually sitting at the wheel.                        
     Install Notes:                                                 
     1. Unpack release                                               
        2. Mount image or burn it                                       
        3. Install                                                      
        4. Play the game                                                
        Support the companies, which software you actually enjoy!       
     Salutes to our old Amiga friends from:                          
        Salutes to our new friends in:                                  
        FAIRLIGHT - CRUDE - VACE - ReUnion - OUTLAWS - GENESIS          
        ۲             Logo and layout by: Eboy/SAE               ܲ
    ޲          Last updated 21/07/2007 by [XXX]            ޲  

Sistem Gereksinimleri
Sis. Bilgisi:

RAM: 1 GB RAM for Windows XP / 2 GB for Windows Vista or Windows 7 .
Hard Disk : 900 MB of free Hard Drive Space
letim Sistemi: Microsoft Windows XP/ Windows Vista/ Windows 7 .
Ekran Kart : 256 mb

Oyun Resimleri:


UK Truck Simulator

Srm Ad : UK Truck Simulator-SKDROW
Rar ifresi :
Crack : Mevcut
Dil : ngilizce
Dosya Tr : Sanal Src (.iso)
Aabilmeniz iin nerdiimiz program : Alcohol %120 veya Daemon Tools (Daemon Tools Lite programn indirmek ve resimli kurulumuna bakmak iin TIKLAYIN!!!)
Part Says: 2
Boyut: 534 MB

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Konu Tony Montana tarafından (04-10-2012 Saat 04:23 PM ) değiştirilmiştir..
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Standart Cevap: UK Truck Simulator - Full indir - Full Download - Pc - 2010 - Oyun indir - Oyun download - Full oyun indir

selamlar, oyun indirme ve kurma konularnda biraz acemi olduum iin yardmlarnz rica edecektim..oyun partlar dosya ierisinde masa stne indi. bundan sonra yaplacak ilemler ile ilgili yardmc olabilecek arkadalara imdiden teekkr ederim..
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Alt 08-21-2011, 03:21 AM   #3
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Standart Cevap: UK Truck Simulator - Full indir - Download - Oyun indir - Pc - 2010 - Oyun download - Fulloyun indir - Ykle

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Standart Cevap: UK Truck Simulator - Full indir - Download - Oyun indir - Pc - 2010 - Oyun download - Fulloyun indir - Ykle

Admin linkler hata veriyor oyunu indiremiyorum
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saol paylam iin
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